Thursday, February 11, 2010

The beginning

February 2010 - - The start of my yoga journey.  Well, I officially started at the very end of January, but life is about the big picture, and not the tiny details, right?  So, February 2010.  I took the $10 for 10 days trial period, and of course my boys start throwing up the next morning.  So I missed about 1/2 of my 10 days, but the last half was beyond awesome.  After only a couple of practices I can already see a difference in my ability, and I am feeling so much energy.  So much positive energy, and no more afternoon slump everyday.  It is such a blessing.   Yea, me! 

I feel so good going to class.  I feel GREAT after class.  I sometimes still wonder 'why am I doing this to myself?' in the middle of a class, but it's fleeting, and then the feeling of purpose and power returns.  Last night during practice the teacher commented about returning your focus to your intention if you are wondering what you are doing here.  I laughed out loud, because that was exactly what was going through my mind.  And then I focused back on my intention for that practice:  HOPE.  There is so much hope and positive energy out there if I can just choose to focus on that instead of all the things that try to overwhelm and bring me down.

So, roughly two weeks in, and I still love it, can't wait to go again.  I've tried a lot of the different class options.  Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Hatha Fusion, Yin-Yang, and Restorative.  Each is a blessing in it's own wonderful way.

Thank you, LORD, for all my many blessings.  They are so many for just one person.  I can't thank You enough.

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