Friday, February 19, 2010

The Big Test

So, I feel like I've just started this journey, and today is my first BIG TEST.  There are what feels like 900 things to do, and I'm already running out of time.  I'm feeling very UN-balanced.  We're taking my oldest to Great Wolf Lodge tonight  celebrate his upcoming 8th birthday.  Last year we surprised him with Great Wolf, because I refused to have another chaotic crazy birthday party.  The kindergarten one was just too much for me, so I told him we'd have a really cool birthday surprise instead of a party.  This year, he had the choice of a small party or another family fun trip, and he wanted to do Great Wolf again, so we're headed there right after school. 

This is where my test begins.  I'm really struggling today to stay calm, stay focused, and choose what matters most.  So, I stopped to write here and take a minute to think about it.  First I got all my paperwork done (the current stuff at least), and I have my desk cleared out to just the next pile of catch-up, must-do paperwork.  That can wait until Monday morning.  That's my uncluttering for Lent for the day too. 

Next up?  Well, I still need to finish packing for the night, clean up the house (my act of kindness for my hubby), pick up my new glasses, get gas for the car, check the P.O. box, get a huge pile of stuff ready for JBF, fix lunch, go by swim diapers, do a few minutes of yoga, read my devotional for the today/tomorrow.... The list is pretty much endless in my head.

So, what's most important?  I'm going to put the devotional reading/yoga at the top, because it won't make the cut if I don't.  Second, my act of kindness for my husband.  Cleaning the house before we leave so it's clean when we come home.  Third, I definitely need to finish packing up pjs, etc.  That shouldn't take long.    The glasses will just have to wait until Monday.  Although I really, really want to go pick them up and get to show off their cute new style, it's not the most important thing I need to do.  JBF will definitely have to wait, and if I can't get it done for the Ft. Worth sale, that will still be "good enough", since there is always Grapevine a few weeks later.    Lunch will have to fit in there somehwere along the way, too. 

Want to share the devotion with me?  My church sent this out, although I tweaked which version of the bible the verses came from.  Some are just easier for me to understand than others.  You can find any of them online, at and pick and choose.  It's awesome.

Friday, February 19    
What makes you a child of God?
 Grace-God’s free gift of love that I do not deserve and cannot earn. 

Yet you are the holy God,
   ruling from your throne
   and praised by Israel.
    Our ancestors trusted you,
   and you rescued them.
    When they cried out for help,
   you saved them,
   and you did not let them down
   when they depended on you.
Psalm 22:3-5 (Contemporary English Version)

Saturday, February 20  
Don’t you have to be good for God to love you?  
No. God loves me in spite of all I do wrong.

A Prayer for Protection
I come to you, LORD,
   for protection.
   Don't let me be ashamed.
   Do as you have promised
   and rescue me.
    Listen to my prayer
   and hurry to save me.
   Be my mighty rock and the fortress
   where I am safe.
    You, LORD God,
   are my mighty rock
   and my fortress.
   Lead me and guide me,
   so that your name
   will be honored.
    Protect me from hidden traps
   and keep me safe.
    You are faithful,
   and I trust you
   because you rescued me.
Psalm 31:1-5 (Contemporary English Version)

Okay, see?  I chose wisely.  I put this at the top of my to-do list and I already feel better. I can't earn God's love, no matter what I do.  What a relief to not have to try! (Not that I won't try, but at least I can take it a little easier on myself when I fail to live up to my own standards!)   And then reassurance that he will love me no matter what I do wrong.  He will protect me, and he will lead me and guide me, if I just let Him.  Amen!

May you be blessed by knowing that you don't have to be 
"good enough"
for God to love you.  He just does!

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SomeGirl said...

Thanks, I needed that. I love your last line. :) I think I'll twitter it!