Thursday, November 25, 2010


I've moved!

Come visit me at the new url: Intentional.Me   (

A special Thanksgiving post should be up right now.

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Only One More Week....

The new blog site is coming soon!  ONLY one more week.  

The blog will be officially up at the new site on THANKSGIVING DAY.  

Check back here for the new address... Just a few more kinks to workout first. :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

And the Announcement Is......

I told you the other day that I had a big announcement in store, so here it is:

On Thanksgiving Day,  Percolating Practice will be getting a makeover!  New address, new name, a more focused purpose....the works!  The Goodbye Junk challenge will also be moving to the new site and continuing there as well.  However, the new site isn't quite ready to launch, so hang in there and be patient while the finishing touches are put in place.  Check back here for more details, and of course, THE NEW ADDRESS!

Thanks for being patient while everything is in transition.  I promise it will be done soon, and worth the wait!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How #Relevant10 Met #GoodbyeJunk & #HelloMornings Today...

So, I FINALLY got to talk to my sweet friend about her experiences at the Relevant Conference this morning.  We met for coffee and talked for hours, it was so wonderful.  She knew that I had wanted to attend with her, and was sweet enough to bring back her goodies and share them with me!  Isn't she the sweetest friend? 

Look at all the cute, fabulous stuff I got from Relevant, through her:
I promise, I left some for her too! :)

I am so glad that she is NOT a  reader.  A blogger who hates to read.  Funny, huh?  But, lucky for me!  I got some really cool books that are going to be perfect for HelloMornings.  Just a short, easy to read page a day.  I can't wait to start tomorrow.  AND, a version I can share with the boys....Even better!  I've been wanting to find something like that, but haven't gone looking, and here it just 'falls' in my lap.  I love how that works!  Plus, an e-book copy of Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts, which I've also been dying to read, and a cute little journal to write...something tiny in!

Plus, a super cute paperweight for my office (maybe it will encourage me to keep my desk neater).  That little cute 'PEACE' necklace has something on the back..... "BE STILL".  Now, tell me that wasn't meant for me?

So, I've mentioned how this all connects with the #HelloMornings group that I love, but how does bringing all this STUFF into my house fit with #GoodbyeJunk?  Well, for the first time, probably ever, I was INTENTIONAL about what I was choosing to bring into my home.  There were some other really cute things to choose from.  Things that I wanted, but I put them back, because I knew deep down that they were just future GoodbyeJunk.   I only chose things that I knew I had a purpose for, and would really, truly use.  Progress!

Oh, and FYI, more GoodbyeJunk stuff coming soon, so bear with me!  I'm working on a big, new announcement.... More good stuff to come!  Look for details closer to Thanksgiving. 

In the meantime, 
may you be blessed with friends as wonderful as mine, 
and may you remember that as fun as it is to receive, 
it is even better to GIVE.