Friday, February 12, 2010

True Beauty

 This is north Texas.  We have a very mild winter, usually.  A rare snow usually lasts about an hour, and starts to melt before you can even get out in it to go play.  This year, we've had four.  Including an absolutely incredible White Christmas.  And this last one, is even more awe inspiring than the White Christmas.  It started sometime before dawn on Thursday, and by sunrise we had over two inches outside.  It kept snowing all day, until well after midnight.  

Friday morning, there is over a foot of pure beauty outside.


Outside, it is so peaceful.  There is only silence, and a few birds twittering around, 
flying about looking for berries.  
Just silence. 

Only the sound of snow falling in mini-avalanches from the tree branches above.  I can't think of anything so perfect or magical.
And just a touch of whimsy...
Our Mr. Snowman (at 5'6" tall) from yesterday is taking in all the beauty with a little yoga.  A deep backbend, or maybe a little side angle pose?  I'm not sure which.... (but I love it!)

I'd love to join him out there for a little savasana, 
but somehow I don't think it would be as relaxing as it looks.  
And who wants a face full of snow from above while they try to relax anyway, right?


SomeGirl said...

Your photos are so beautiful and relaxing. I had no idea you had this blog... it's wonderful. (Why do I feel like I can't use exclamation points here? Because of the peaceful, serene feel of your writing? Like being in a hot yoga room where whispering is more appropriate?) Anyway, I love it. :) I look forward to following along on your journey.

Shell said...

Aw, thanks! I guess my secret is out... :)