Monday, August 23, 2010

When Life Kicks You in the Teeth...

I'm having a month that feels like life just keeps kicking me/us in the teeth.  Ever have one of those? Where thing after thing after thing happens to drag you down?  Well, that's me.   And I'm usually a pretty look-at-the-bright-side kind of person.  I look for the good, because there is already too much bad in the world.   If you see the good, if you practice looking for the good, then it becomes easier and easier to see it. 

But I'm having a hard time of it this month.  I keep getting dragged back down.  I know that there are much worse things happening to other people in this world.

People who are gravely sick.  

People whose children have cancer.  

People who've lost their jobs.  

People in serious pain.  

People who are fighting addictions.  

People who don't even have food to eat
or clean water to drink.

There are a lot of people who are dealing with way worse problems than we are.  I mean a lot of people!  But I'm still feeling kicked in the teeth,  I think mostly because I completely lack any control over our situation(s).

Last week, on a particularly bad day, I found this post (thank you @traceepersiko!) which I loved.  It started with, "Sometimes talking to Him is all you can do."  And that sentence in particular changed my whole attitude that day.  So, while I'm still having a hard time seeing the good, at least I can remember that advice. 

Sometimes talking to Him is all you can do...


Anonymous said...

I am still trying to get good at just bring my messy heart to him. This week i am still very much in that place of surrendering me to him. So.Dang.Hard!

Shell said...

It is terribly hard! And so easy to overlook that as the answer!

SomeGirl said...

Praying for you! Sorry I've been out of the blog visiting loop and out of touch with what's going on in your life... love you, though! I'll be back soon! :)