Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finding Gratitude Even Through Utter Frustration

 hard workYou know what they say, 'When life gives you lemons....'

I am in the middle of a MAJOR life lesson right now.  I'm learning a lot about how little control we really often have. Although we like to think we're the ones running things, that control is so often just an illusion.  We cannot control rude or dangerous drivers, although we might yell or honk in an attempt to do so.  We cannot control other people, situations, the world or a loved one making a poor choice. We might think we can somehow control these things, and even spend large amounts of time and energy worrying about them, playing out scenario after scenario in our heads in an attempt to gain control.  But ultimately, the only things we really control are ourselves, and our reactions to things.

This life lesson is teaching me to accept what I cannot control, and to instead focus my energy on myself and how I react.  I want to react to things with kindness and compassion; with gratitude and patience; with thanksgiving and with love. We cannot control the world, but we can seek to have a grateful heart.  Gratitude is not an illusion.  We can look for gratitude, even in the midst of the most utterly frustrating experiences. 

I am grateful 
For everyday, taken-for-granted kinds of things:
~for health -for this body of mine, with it's aches & pains, issues, and extra pounds
~for family- a nearby loving and supportive network
~for freedoms and liberties in this country I love
~for friends without whom life would be boring and dull

For overflowing abundances:
~of God's love
~of blessings too numerous to count
~of simple joys, like sweet bedtime kisses or 'just because' hugs

For constant, unshakeable blessings:
~my wonderful, handsome husband and sons
~my brothers and sisters, by both blood and marriage, living near or far.
~my beautiful, imperfect home and gardens

For first world conveniences that would be third world wonders:
~freshly brewed morning coffee where others thirst simply for clean water
~a home with running water where others go homeless and unwashed
~a refrigerator stocked full of food where others go hungry

Most of all, I am grateful that I have been given so much, because with this abundance comes the opportunity to share it with others, and share the blessings.

I am grateful.


SomeGirl said...

Beautiful reminder! It reminds me of that saying, "Life's 10% circumstance and 90% how you react."

Michelle said...

I love it. This reminds me of a modern day Psalm. Very nice & a great encouragement! :)

Kiki said...

I love this, thank you!

Shell said...

Somegirl- Thanks. What a great saying! I hadn't heard that before (or I'd forgotten it....)

Michelle- Wow, what a beautiful, kind comment! Thank you so very much.

Kiki- I told you already, but thanks for your comment!

You all made my day! :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Shell! I just love it!

Tracey said...

A great reminder to begin each day with an attitude of gratitude!

Zen Mama said...

Hi Shell,
I just discovering your website today through your guest post at SomeGirl's Website. It's a great blog! I love the idea of goodbye junk. My husband would love it even more. I think I may join your challenge. I also loved your I am Happy post. I am a happy person naturally and it's nice to see someone else who is happy, too!
Again, great website!!

Shell said...

Hi Betsy! What a lovely compliment coming from you! I'm so glad you've found me here. Hope you stop by again soon. We would LOVE to have you joining our Goodbye Junk challenge.