Monday, August 9, 2010

The Summer Done List

Summer Fun- Living Room CampOut
I don't know about where you are, but here in Texas, we're down to the last two weeks before school starts.  This time of summer always makes me a little sad, not that I'm not counting the days, because I AM! I'm sad because it's the end of our free schedule, let's-just-have-fun-together time. I'll miss my boys when they're gone at school.

When May rolls around and school is about done, we're always excited about the huge time in front of us, and all the stuff on our "Let's do THIS" summer list.   Last year, our list was oh-so-long, but by the end of summer, we'd seemingly not done very many of the things on it.  We had a great summer.  But I felt disappointed in not doing all the fun things we'd thought of to do.  Mostly because we had forgotten what we had done.

This year, I decided to look at it differently.  I decided to keep track of all the things we'd done, instead of what we 'could have' done.  I'm calling it our "Summer Done" List.  It's growing pretty long.  It's packed with fun memories, and all the fun things we've done together.  We're savoring these last two weeks, trying to pack as many more things onto our list as we can before we have to officially close it when school starts.   And that little shift in perspective has made all the difference.  Honestly? This summer wasn't better than last year's summer.  But the fact that we have a list of memories to go back and reflect on, that makes it seem like a more of a jam-packed-fun-filled summer.  It's a list of positives instead of a list of a list of what we didn't get to do.  And I'm not nearly as sad this time around, because I know we thoroughly enjoyed our whole summer!

How about you? What would be on your Summer Done List? 
Or do you have another creative way of counting your blessings?


Kiki said...

You always make me think....that's a good thing. Great idea on changing the way to look at the summer.

SomeGirl said...

What a GREAT idea!!