Sunday, August 15, 2010

Focus for the Week

Real quick:  How many loved ones are in your life?  Mom, dad, kids, sisters, BFFs, brothers, grandparents, cousins, aunt & uncles?  Got your number?  Mine is around 30.  Probably more, but that's just a quick count.  Now, take your number and divide by 3.  For me, that makes 10.  That's how many people I love that might be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.  One in Three.  Staggering, isn't it?

That's my focus for the week:  
Care more about others. 
Right now, I'm focused on doing that through raising money to help fight cancer.  I feel strongly pulled to do this, and I'm not sure why.  I just can't help but picture one of my loved ones being one of the people who will be diagnosed with cancer.  One in three of us will be diagnosed in our lifetimes.  But we have the power to change that, and to help people already fighting right now.   Will you help?  You can click on that little purple A Proud Supporter of Relay for Life button up on the right to donate. Even as little as $10 could make a big difference.   Or you can go here and buy some cool scrapbooking supplies (there are easy albums great for Christmas gifts!) and all profits (that's 30%) of your order placed through my page will go to the American Cancer Society too. 

Care about them as much as you care about yourselves
Philippians 2:4 (Contemporary English Version)


SomeGirl said...

I'll spread the word! (Is this the same walk I might be doing with you? ... I'm pretty clueless, hu?) ;) If it is, I'll save my donation for my walk. If it's not, I'll donate. :)

Shell said...

Yes!!! Are you doing it with us? Hooray!!! I'll show you how to get signed into the team soon. We need to have you online by Sept 4th so you can get your tshirt. ;)