Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yin Yoga... Oh Yeah!

I tried a new yoga class at Divine this morning, Yin Yoga.   I had misread the schedule for the last two months and thought this was the same as the Yang-Yin class I had tried awhile back.  Oh, no!  This class was awesome.  All stretchy and relax-y and feel-good-y.  (Yeah, I know those aren't words, but work with me!)

We really need rain.  It's dry, and there is pollen everywhere that needs to be washed away.  So, the teacher said she had put together some music from different Native American nations praying for rain.  It was kind of cool to listen to the music, with the sounds of rain and thunder in the background, and stretch and relax.  Actually, it was perfect.  (Well, except for when I couldn't get rid of the thought that the rain sounded more like bacon sizzling in a pan...But that didn't last TOO long...) 

The yoga definitely helps my asthma.  It makes the aching go away, and hopefully, it will keep making it better.  I felt a lot better today than I have all week.  Day 8 (Tuesday) I did 30 minutes at home in between other stuff, and although I was feeling really bad, it totally helped me get through the day.  Day 9 I skipped, again.  Can't really say why, other than laziness and feeling bad, which aren't real reasons.  I just didn't try enough to get it done.   Today was day 10 of the 40 days, and I'm so glad I spent that hour at the yoga studio this morning!

Ooops...gotta go... my boys just ripped the soap dish off the tile bathtub wall.....Gotta go balance that!  ;)


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about getting back into yoga. It'd be good for me. I have to find the time. Make the time. Glad you had a good session today!

SomeGirl said...

hahaha... love the ending!