Monday, April 12, 2010


Just checking in with a quick update for my 40 days of yoga.  I have some other, better posts to write, but today my asthma is winning and I'm feeling terrible, so they'll have to wait.

As for the 40 days of yoga, I have a confession to make.  Day 4 and Day 5 I didn't do any yoga.  I planned to.  But it didn't happen.  Day 6, yesterday, I wasn't feeling great either, and I worked on some music playlists so that I have something to do yoga to at home, without having to watch a video.  Kind of a stretch, but better than nothing.

Tonight, Day 7, I am exhausted.  My chest hurts.  My lungs ache.  A lot.  I've been waiting all day for the chance to crawl into bed.  But I promised myself I was going to do these 40 days.  Yes, I've already missed a couple.  But I'm not going to give up.  I'm going to keep going and keep my promise to myself.  So, I put my boys to bed, then pulled out my mat.

Day 7 is done.  I feel better.  Better for keeping my promise.  Better from the yoga itself.

Now, off to bed.  Finally! ;)


SomeGirl said...

I wish I had known you were feeling so badly! I would have brought you something... I'll check on you tomorrow! ♥

megan said...

oh man, I hear you on that. My asthma has been SO bad lately. I wanted to work out daily and go out and just DO THINGS, but I've been stopping myself because it's just not worth the chest pain.