Friday, September 24, 2010

If You Could Do Anything...

It's Friday.  I thought a little fun might be in order, so I'm asking this quick question.  I hope you'll leave an answer in the comments and let me know what your answer would be!  I can't wait to hear from you.

If you could do anything.... What would it be?  No strings attached, no cost limitations, no 'oh-but-who-would-watch-my-kids', no restrictions.  Something that would make you just full of joy and happy inside.  Something just for you.  If you could do anything, for yourself, what would you do?

For me?  I'd wander around and take pictures.  I truly love photography.  Someday I plan to go take a few classes, but in the meantime, I'm happy anytime I can pull out my pocket camera and take some fun, interesting photos.  It makes me happy, deep down inside.  I'm especially happy taking pics out in nature.  Puts a smile in my heart that looks kind of like this ---->

So, If you could do anything, for yourself, what would you do?

What's stopping you?


Lori said...

The no cost something: walk in the woods (no phones, no electronics). The expensive something: buy the commercial embroidery machine I have been eying for a year.

I love your pictures, you will make a great photographer. Grab some time and go for it.

Shell said...

Lori... Thanks for taking the time to leave a sweet comment. A walk in the woods sounds wonderful... especially with my camera! ;)

megan said...

At this point in time... I'd go to Fiji and then from there I'd fly over to Tonga, then New Zealand and then Australia and then... you know... see from there.

What's stopping me... the fact that I have a husband. Not that he'd tell me that I CAN'T but I know that he'd resent me if I did. :(

Angelle said...

Anything? in my garden, but it's too darn hot.

SomeGirl said...

hmmm... if I could do anything I'd make myself get a regular bedtime schedule and stop staying up so late. I'd eat healthier and exercise more. What's stopping me? I'm a night owl, who loves Tex Mex and hates to sweat! :)

If money was no object I'd spend the summers (or at least a chunk of them) in a cooler climate and go on great adventures! (planning on this next year)

Thanks for letting me dream a bit! :) Btw, I agree with Lori! You have a great eye for photography!

Deb Chitwood said...

If I could do anything I wanted, I’d hop on a plane (taking my husband with me) whenever I wanted to visit my kids. Nothing beats family time! I love your blog and gave you an award at