Monday, September 20, 2010

Are you still saying #GoodByeJunk ?

The Goodbye Junk Challenge:
*Get rid of one item each day. 
*Find one item that needs a home, and give it a home.  Easy!
  For more details, click here.

Are you still working on our #GoodbyeJunk challenge? I know I am.  This week I didn't have too much to donate, but I pulled out what seemed like tons of trash and got rid of it.  Old phone books, piles of expired coupons,  old bills and other junk mail that never got tossed when it should have.  I've also got a bag going with unopened happy meal toys that I've found all over.  We're donating them to the school carnival for game prizes.

I was also good about finding a home for some of my paper clutter, namely my littlest one's preschool stuff from last year.  I spent Friday night with some friends starting his scrapbook, and I got about 12 pages done.  I'm hoping to have that one finished in a couple of weeks, so that I can move on to finding a home for his older brother's school papers.  I've got 1st and 2nd grade to catch up on...Yikes!

My friend who came and scrapbooked with me had a great idea about not letting the school stuff pile up.  Her plan is to scrap things as they come home, if they are worth saving.  So, Friday night she spent her time scrapping this year's first day of school and her son's first-ever spelling test.  And now she's caught up.  Isn't that great?  I just might have to steal her idea!

How is it going for  you?  Are you doing well or struggling?  Link up or leave a comment below so we can encourage you!  Don't forget to find us on Twitter with the hashtag #GoodByeJunk too.  I'd love to see some TwitPics of your success!

What have you been working on for saying Goodbye to Junk?


Michelle said...

You'd be so proud of me! I (we) cleared off my desk and made a pile of trash to toss. My hubby got me started on it early Saturday morning by clearing off my desk and putting it all on the kitchen table! I told him he needs to think like a blogger and take a picture first next time. He helped me not get bogged down while I sorted it out. There's only a small bit left on the table and my desk looks really great! I hope to find my camera and take a picture of the trash pile before I throw it out. :)

Shell said...

Way to go, Michelle! Doesn't it feel great to have a cleaner space? I just love it... Can't wait until I'm finished going through all the stuff here. It makes me happy just looking at a spot that's been cleaned and organized!

Glad you're joining us! Keep up the good work.

SomeGirl said...

You already heard, but I'll say it anyway: MY CAR IS IN MY GARAGE!!!! Thanks for the encouragement and the challenge! ♥ Michelle

Deb Chitwood said...

I'm working on my office this week - making sure everything is filed and organized. And I'm throwing out lots of out-of-date/unneeded papers from my files. Getting rid of things right away is definitely the way to go.