Monday, October 25, 2010

What I learned from #Relevant10

I've made Family my priority lately (over online stuff...)

So, I didn't even get to attend the Relevant Conference last weekend, but that didn't stop me from learning from it!  There were so many great people there, all tweeting little pearls of wisdom.  It totally rocked my weekend.  It was such a wonderful, powerful, positive thing to keep reading their tweets all weekend.

So, what did I learn?  I learned that I'm doing alright.  Not that I can't improve, I'm still far from perfect (and I'm not seeking perfection anyway), but I'm on the right path.  There has been a twinge of guilt that I've not blogged once this month...For a long list of reasons, all of which lead back to the fact that I set FAMILY as a higher priority, and just had to let go of online stuff until things are less overwhelming again.  So, what did I read coming out of Relevant tweets this weekend?  Tweet after tweet after tweet reinforcing that my priorities were on the right track, for once.   I love it when God sends you those overwhelming messages sometimes!

From my IRL favorite blogger  SomeGirlsTweets:
~Make your home a place of peace. My life isn't about what people think I am, or what they think about me. #Relevant10
~We don't want to harm our real life relationships with our blogs.  ~Rest in the gift God has given you. #Relevant10 - Angie Smith  ~We are held accountable to God for how we treat our family. #Relevant10 (@WeareTHATfamily)   ~What times are special for your family? Make that time sacred and be offline. Your family is of high importance. #Relevant10 ~"It's the living of life, not the writing of life that is going to change the world!" #Relevant10 - Sally Clarkson 
~Take a computer sabbatical regularly! #mediafreeSundays #Relevant10  ~"I'd much rather neglect my [online life] than neglect my husband and children." #Relevant10 
~"Blogging can be a powerful tool... But if blogging is taking you away from being a wife and a mother it's not worth it." #Relevant10 

And a favorite, that fits my life perfectly right now, by michellebygrace:
~If your blog conflicts with real life, choose real life. -Kimba (@KimbaASPTL) Relevant10

 I can't wait until I DO have a little more time and can go in and read all the great posts coming from the lucky ladies who did get to attend Relevant.   I'm going to have great stuff to read for months to come!  What a blessing.  

There is a linkup on the official Relevant Conference site: or Click here for one of the other linkups, or search the hashtag #Relevant10 on twitter for more.  


Stacy @ Delighting in the Days said...

I wasn't there either, but eagerly read the tweets and listened to some of the live streaming.

These quotes you shared are excellent.I missed a few of them, so thanks a bunch for posting!

These are such a great reminder of what truly is important.

Shell said...

Thanks, Stacy! I'm glad I wasn't the only one enjoying it from afar. Really hoping there will be another one next year so I can go!

SomeGirl said...

Thanks for sharing this! I had already forgotten some of it... I need to go back and read tweets and the new posts.

SO glad you were encouraged by the tweets! You are doing a beat job and are a great example to follow! xoxo